With our re-imagined look at men's luxury footwear, Cobbler Union is challenging a space that's in desperate need of a wakeup call: the €250 billion+ luxury industry.
For the past two decades, the price of luxury goods has soared, while the quality of so-called “luxury” products has deteriorated beyond belief. Blinded by brand names and the promise of “status,” too many well-meaning men don’t realize they are paying more money for less substance.
We are realigning the focus back to what really counts in luxury products, banishing inflated price points and empty marketing and putting craftsmanship and quality squarely in the spotlight. 
The Cobbler Union philosophy is defined by a relentless commitment to three core principles of luxury: 
All Cobbler Union pieces are handcrafted in Spain to ensure top-of-the-line craftsmanship. All of our shoes are Goodyear-welted, a process that requires over 220 operations involving over 20 artisans from beginning to end. 
With shoes that are completely handcrafted in Spain, we celebrate our values and preserve one of the most important crafts in Europe.
Cobbler Union shoes are crafted out of the finest top-grade calfskins and materials available – the same used by some of the most famous luxury houses in Europe.
Cobbler Union is on a mission to reintroduce the world to the real meaning of true luxury. That's why we offer our members something never-before-seen in the menswear space: meticulously crafted small-batch shoes that embody the craftsmanship, quality and authenticity that are the true definition of luxury. 
How do we do it? By circumventing traditional retail channels and going direct-to-consumer, we are able to dramatically lower the cost of delivering our shoes to our members — savings that we are then able to pass on to them.