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We've embarked on an exciting journey to bring “bespoke-inspired” luxury shoes to men around the world. 
Before launching Cobbler Union, we spent three years at the pinnacle of the shoemaking craft – leading the expansion of a bespoke shoemaking studio in Barcelona that sold $4,000 shoes to a distinguished clientele. However, bespoke shoes, while extraordinary, are only accessible to a very select group of men. We felt we could do something even more significant to promote our wonderful craft and build a larger and more exciting company in the process.
With this in mind, the strategy was shifted and the result was Cobbler Union - a new type of luxury company rooted in the high standards of bespoke shoemaking but designed to offer men luxury shoes at accessible prices. We adopted a new business model but we didn’t change our mindset in terms of quality and craftsmanship. By shifting from bespoke to bespoke-inspired and using a direct-to-consumer business model, we're able to offer our collection of luxury products at a price point well below that of heritage luxury brands and high-end retailers.
Our bespoke experience is infused into everything we do today at Cobbler Union and helps us appreciate the unique relationship successful men have with luxury and, specifically, the role shoes play in a man’s life. It’s our strong belief that beautifully-crafted quality shoes have the power to transform a man.  
Trying to stay as true to bespoke as possible, we create our shoes in small batches. We wanted to replicate the uniqueness of the bespoke experience. Our small-batch production process allows us to offer a more diverse product line, run special limited editions, and introduce new products several times a year. We have a co-founder and our master shoemaker based in Spain personally overseeing every batch to ensure product quality and consistency. A real shoe aficionado will appreciate the quality of our French and Italian top-grade calfskin leathers, the finishing of our soles, and unique details such as our signature quilted heel cups. They will see our shoes and know they are getting a phenomenal luxury shoe for a half to a third of the price of what they are used to paying for this kind of product.
At Cobbler Union, our dedication to our craftsmen and the preservation of the shoemaking tradition is a core principle of our brand. In the past 50 years the ‘luxury industry’ has turned luxury into a commodity. People are now buying the work of very clever marketers and salesmen, not the meticulous work of craftsmen. Cobbler Union was created to celebrate our artisans, the true heroes who have dedicated 30, 40, even 50 years of their lives to perfecting their craft. At Cobbler Union we’re committed to preserving and promoting our exquisite craft, while simultaneously giving men around the world the ability to express themselves and experience true luxury.