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Cobbler Union was born to reinvent the relationship between man and luxury. We're deeply inspired by the uncompromising values of bespoke shoemaking and believe that a pair of classic, well-made, luxury shoes has the power to transform a man. We also believe in challenging the status-quo, doing things differently, better. Working directly (and exclusively) with you allows us to offer you world-class products at exceptional prices. Offering you more luxury for less makes a lot of sense. We hope you agree. 



For centuries, crafty shoemakers have passed on their noble trade through apprentices. Today, a small but resilient generation of skilled cobblers continues to defy the odds - manually producing footwear as if time had stood still. Cobbler Union was named in celebration of all great shoemakers, past and present, crafts men and women, lowly-paid superheroes, who, through their efforts and sacrifices, allow us to travel the world in high style. When you buy a pair of Cobbler Union shoes you become a member of the Union helping to ensure that small manufacturing clusters, where these cobblers work and live, continue to prosper for years to come.



The thrill of wearing luxury shoes need not be reserved for a lucky few. Hard work, creativity and technology allow us to eliminate the middlemen and the ridiculous mark-ups often charged by traditional luxury boutiques. We're happy to pass on these savings to you while making some of the highest-quality shoes money can buy. On top of that, by producing in small batches we're proud to offer you a diverse product line, exciting limited-edition products and made-to-order shoes you won't find anywhere else. As the name implies, small-batch shoes are shoes made in limited quantities. Each of our shoes undergoes over two-hundred operations and is handcrafted by more than twenty artisans. So the only way we can guarantee the highest possible quality is by making shoes slowly and in small quantities.



Anchored on the ridiculously-high quality standards of bespoke shoemaking, we're madly obsessed with making shoes the right way. The products we make are the result of our team's relentless pursuit to create classic shoes combining authentic design and world-class quality. All of our shoes are made in Spain - the country with one of the longest tradition in high-end shoemaking. With a co-founder and our master shoemaker living in Spain, Cobbler Union oversees and controls 100% of the design, development, production and quality control processes. The Cobbler Union collection is the conclusion of months of rigorous product development. From the last, to the shank, to the heel cup, every part of the shoe was assessed and refined. Blending British style, French sophistication and Spanish craftsmanship we express our spirit by combining iconic classics with a collection of contemporary creations offered from our unique perspective.