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Saphir Cream Polish 75ML

The Saphir Medaille D'Or Cream Polish is widely considered by shoe aficionados and luxury shoemakers alike to be the best shoe cream in the world. It is crafted with a unique combination of seven animal and vegetable waxes and nutrients specifically formulated to nourish, recolor and shine your shoes.

We recommend you use Saphir Cream Polish either after wearing your shoes five times or every 4 weeks, or when you notice that the calfskin has lost some of its color and shine. 

Always follow our recommendation when choosing cream colors for your Cobbler Union shoes as these creams have a high concentration of pigments and can alter the color of your shoes. When in doubt, always use a lighter color. For a high-gloss look, finish the shoes with Saphir Wax Polish.


It is important to first clean your leather using Saddle Soap, or waterproof your shoes with Dubbin Graisse. Use Renovateur, as "Step 1", to deeply nourish the leather in order to keep soft and supple. "Step 2", apply the Cream Polish using either a jar brush or chamois. Allow to dry, 5-10 minutes, then buff off using a horsehair brush or cotton chamois. Apply up to three coats of polish to achieve desired results in color and shine. "Step 3" is applying Pate de Luxe for shine.

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